July 18, 2024

Victor Wembanyama had a night to forget in Houston

The Spurs fell back down to earth, with Wemby failing to even attempt a shot in the second.

On Tuesday night, Victor Wembanyama experienced a challenging outing in Houston. The rookie concluded the game with just 10 points, marking his fourth-lowest point total of the season. This performance echoed the difficulties he faced in the first game of the season when foul trouble hindered his court presence. Adding to the Spurs’ woes, they had to contend with a stellar performance from Alperen Sengun, who dropped an impressive 45 points and 16 rebounds on them.

Today’s headlines are rightfully showering praise on Sengun’s dominance. Former Houston Rocket forward Chandler Parsons expressed his strong opinion, insisting that Wembanyama received “an ass whopping” from the Turkish international. This sentiment wasn’t exclusive to ex-players; Sengun himself commented on Wemby’s perceived lack of strength in a post-game press conference.

While I may not entirely agree with the extent of the coverage focusing on the matchup between Vic and Sengun, some positive moments emerged when the two shared the court. The Turkish international went 9-17 but faced stiff resistance, getting blocked five times by the Frenchman.Image

Despite these glimpses of positivity for Wemby, the Rockets demonstrated what he could expect in the future: opposing teams meticulously executing game plans against him. Ime Oduku and his coaching staff effectively prevented the rookie from attempting a single shot in the second half. Although nights like these are rare for Vic, they undoubtedly serve as invaluable learning experiences. For now, he should regroup and shift his focus to the upcoming game on Thursday night in Sacramento.

Wondering about the possibility of Wemby achieving a quadruple-double during his rookie campaign? Well, now you can place a bet on it at an enticing 100-1 odds. Keep in mind that this impressive stat line hasn’t happened in the NBA for 30 years.

Although this is from before Tuesday’s game, it remains relevant. The rookie has been incredible, carrying the Spurs despite their poor record.

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